Feb 17

I Need to Think About It


Despite your best efforts, you will encounter patients who respond to your treatment presentation with “I need to think about it.” Keep in mind that ‘no’ now does not mean ‘no’ forever, so having a strong follow-up plan in place is key…

Feb 10

Will They Light Your Path?


Reflections on a family’s loss and one simple act that shows the power of a community coming together…

Feb 3

Just Ask


If I had a dollar for every time I was in a dental practice and overheard someone say, “But we can’t tell Mrs. Jones she needs all that treatment, she can’t afford it!” I’d be a very rich woman…

Jan 27

The Balcony Questions


You’ve probably heard the business adage “make time to work on your business, not just in it” and for dentists, that truth is not easily embraced. They are well prepared and trained to provide clinical services, but not necessarily how to run a successful business…

Jan 20

3 Ways to Improve Your Specialist Referrals


When treatment options extend beyond the dentist’s skill and comfort level, a referral to a specialist is often made. All too often, though, these referred patients are ill-prepared for what happens in a specialist’s office and this leads to confused dentists, frustrated specialists, and worse, disillusioned patients who don’t get the necessary care …

Jan 13

3 Lessons from My Netflix Binge


Over the holidays, two very rare things occurred ~ one, our NY skiing plans got cancelled due to lack of snow and two, my husband and I had several hours each day over the course of two weeks that were totally open and unplanned. What to do?! …

Jan 6

Coaching vs. Consulting ~ What’s the Difference?


I get asked this question all the time and I’m always fascinated by the responses when I ask the question back “what do you think the difference is?”.

Dec 28

Leadership is Action, not Position


It had a been a particularly busy day and after realizing the lack of food in my house, our family opted for takeout from a local restaurant. It was serendipity when I opened my fortune cookie, as it read ‘leadership is action, not position.’

Dec 2

4 Secrets to Increasing Business in Your Dental Practice


It seems silly calling these ‘secrets’ to increasing business, however, many dental practices fall short in these areas in serving their patients without even knowing it!

Dec 2

5 Tips to Becoming a Better Listener


Stephen Covey, renowned author and business thinker, talks about seven habits that successful people employ. If you haven’t read his 7 Habits book, I highly recommend you do! One of his habits includes “seek first to understand, then be understood.”