4 Secrets to Increasing Business in Your Dental Practice



It seems silly calling these ‘secrets’ to increasing business, however, many dental practices fall short in these areas in serving their patients without even knowing it! When these ‘secrets’ are ‘revealed’ in a practice, that’s when the magic really happens – patient referrals increase, treatment acceptance increases, and team energy increases. Is this what you want for your practice? If so, then lean forward, pay attention and listen closely as I reveal the four secrets to increasing business in your dental practice:

  1. Be On Time – It seems so easy to do, yet patient appointment schedules and team time are often mismanaged. Are there exceptions? Certainly, as unexpected situations do occur. Make sure you have the right people scheduling the right procedures at the right times. Become proficient in managing this ‘secret’ and watch how predictable your day becomes.
  2. Make Patients Feel Appreciated – Powerful phrases such as “welcome to our practice!” and “I’m so glad you’re here!” are just a few ways to show your appreciation. Eye contact, using their name and giving your full attention also shows appreciation. Even common courtesies such as “please” and “thank you” go a long way in letting patients know you value the relationship. Master this ‘secret’ and watch your patients become raving fans.
  3. Give More than Expected – Walking patients to their cars after an extended appointment, offering warm towels after hygiene procedures and calling anxious patients before and after their appointment to show you care are just a few ways top performing practices deliver ‘knock your socks off’ service. What can you offer that no one else does to give more than your patients expect? Exceed expectations and watch the positive impact it has on your bottom line.
  4. Do What You Say – Follow-up and follow through are what separates the average practices from the thriving practices. Billionaires say this is one critical area that many businesses miss out on. When you make a promise and then don’t keep it, guess what happens? Your credibility and trust go right out the window, and it takes quite a long journey to earn them back. If you say you’re going to call, make the call … or watch your patient choose another practice that will.

Dentistry is more than just creating tooth dust – it’s about understanding, appreciating and connecting with your patients on an individual level and meeting them where they are right now. When you honor that relationship in an authentic way, you may just find that profitability increases as a result.

Robyn Reis

Robyn Reis

Robyn began her dental career in 1998 as a marketing and communications director for a large group practice, and instantly fell in love with the world of dentistry. She has spent every waking moment since learning, growing and collaborating with dentists and their teams utilizing her expertise in all aspects of dental practice management, marketing, communications, HR, continuing education, and laboratory sales. Robyn's personal goals are to make a difference in someone's life every single day and to give the best of herself to those around her. Robyn and her family live and play in Northeast Ohio.