All programs are customized to each practice’s desired goals and budget. Pricing is simple ~ either hourly or monthly, depending on the program scope and duration.  Each program includes a detailed Practice Rx Report with custom recommendations.  Sample components and program length are for informational purposes only; your practice’s needs may vary.  Click the “Contact Me” button to learn more about these programs!

HR Support for the Dental Practice

From finding and retaining exceptional team members to comprehensive, compliant and customized Employee Manuals,  it’s like having a virtual HR department at your fingertips. 

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Focused. In-Depth. Key Area of Practice.

Perhaps your practice is right where you want it to be and you think “we could really use help with [insert problem here].” Maybe it’s attracting new patients, maybe it’s diving deeper into your practice’s financial and business systems or it could simply be a ‘back-to-basics’ communication training program for the entire team to get re-energized and re-engaged. Typical programs run 3+ months. Sample components of this program include:

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Direction. Guidance. Mentorship.

Perhaps you’ve had previous practice management help that worked (or didn’t) and you’ve gotten off track. Or maybe the practice has hit a plateau and you’re looking to infuse new thinking while letting go of bad habits. Typical programs run 6+ months. Sample components of this program include:

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 Transformation. Growth. “All-In” Commitment.

For those who are ready to partner with a dental practice coach and are committed to grow from good to GREAT, this is for YOU! Together, we’ll create a customized plan to get you the results you want through step-by-step strategic business planning combined with team training and accountability, delivered in bite-size pieces that you and your team can implement easily and predictably. This is roll-up-your-sleeves and dive in kind of work. No two programs are the same, just as no two dentists are the same. Programs like this are most effective with a 9+ month commitment. Sample components of this program include:

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Don’t see what you’re looking for?  Then let’s talk … click on “Contact Me” and we’ll figure it out together!