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March 2016

Mar 17

HIRING FOR SUCCESS: Part 3 – You’re Hired, Now What?


In Part 1 and 2 of this series, the importance of practice culture and the intricate moving parts of interviewing from both the candidate and employer perspectives was reviewed. In the series final, you’ll learn ways to successfully onboard a new hire so that both employer and new employee enjoy a mutually rewarding relationship that lasts…

Mar 9

HIRING FOR SUCCESS: Part 2 – Interviewing


Whether you’re looking for a new opportunity or your practice is seeking a new team member, interviewing for a position is a two-way street. Learn about what tools are helpful, how to put your best foot forward and what to do when it’s not a good fit…

Mar 2

It’s Never Wrong to Do the Right Thing


I recently rented the movie, The Intern, and Robert DeNiro’s character mentioned this Mark Twain quote as one of his favorites. It’s one of mine, too. My husband’s company has built a 35-year industry reputation on a similar guiding principle ~ always do what is right for the customer, even if it’s not what is right for the company….