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February 2016

Feb 25

HIRING FOR SUCCESS: Part 1 – Culture is King


Seeking a new job opportunity can be exciting and motivating, yet it can be stressful and frustrating for the rest of the team, especially when the existing culture is disrupted. Culture is king and it plays a big role in hiring for success…

Feb 17

I Need to Think About It


Despite your best efforts, you will encounter patients who respond to your treatment presentation with “I need to think about it.” Keep in mind that ‘no’ now does not mean ‘no’ forever, so having a strong follow-up plan in place is key…

Feb 10

Will They Light Your Path?


Reflections on a family’s loss and one simple act that shows the power of a community coming together…

Feb 3

Just Ask


If I had a dollar for every time I was in a dental practice and overheard someone say, “But we can’t tell Mrs. Jones she needs all that treatment, she can’t afford it!” I’d be a very rich woman…