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January 2016

Jan 27

The Balcony Questions


You’ve probably heard the business adage “make time to work on your business, not just in it” and for dentists, that truth is not easily embraced. They are well prepared and trained to provide clinical services, but not necessarily how to run a successful business…

Jan 20

3 Ways to Improve Your Specialist Referrals


When treatment options extend beyond the dentist’s skill and comfort level, a referral to a specialist is often made. All too often, though, these referred patients are ill-prepared for what happens in a specialist’s office and this leads to confused dentists, frustrated specialists, and worse, disillusioned patients who don’t get the necessary care …

Jan 13

3 Lessons from My Netflix Binge


Over the holidays, two very rare things occurred ~ one, our NY skiing plans got cancelled due to lack of snow and two, my husband and I had several hours each day over the course of two weeks that were totally open and unplanned. What to do?! …

Jan 6

Coaching vs. Consulting ~ What’s the Difference?


I get asked this question all the time and I’m always fascinated by the responses when I ask the question back “what do you think the difference is?”.